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Our Letting Application Fees

Application Fee

The application fee you will need to pay is £200 for this first applicant and £100 per person thereafter. This fee is for the drawing up of contracts and administration. This also holds the property for a period of 10 days within which you are required to send all the necessary paperwork back to us. After this time, if the paperwork and references have not come back satisfactory, then the landlord is within their rights to put the property back on the market, and to look for new tenants. In this scenario, any fees you have paid will not refunded.

Refund Of Above Fees

Should your application not be successful, the above fees will not be refunded. If you are part of a group, each individual member of the group must pass the references. If one or more does not pass & the application fails, then none of the fees will be refunded to any tenant. Should the landlord withdraw from the let, all monies will be refunded. This refund will be made by cheque, regardless of how the initial money was paid. The above payments can be made by cash or other equivalent cleared funds.